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20041118: Feed request

Hi Mike,

The good folks at UAF/School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

would like to begin ingesting data..

The UAF/GI is ingesting via U of Washington, so I would like a different
path up there so they are not relying on a single point of failure. We
will probably merge the two feeds into UAF in the future as needs and
resources dictate.

But for now can you place an:

allow           ANY-NLDN-GEM-FNMOC-PCWS daved.ims.uaf.edu

If rossby is not ingesting any of the "propriatry feeds"

Looking at the stats, it appears as if NLDN is the only one we need to
watch, so an:

allow           ANY-NLDN        daved.ims.uaf.edu

is the appropriate entry.


He is planning on only requesting a subset of the CONDUIT feed..

Hope this is AOK with you :)


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