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20040917: CRAFT data (cont.)

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: University of Kansas
>Keywords: 200409172031.i8HKVbnJ010293 IDD CRAFT

Hi Donna,

>I am trying to get data from bigbird.tamu.edu  My ldmping looks like
>weasw@chinook bin]$ ldmping bigbird.tamu.edu
>Sep 17 21:52:35      State    Elapsed Port   Remote_Host           rpc_stat
>Sep 17 21:52:45 SVC_UNAVAIL   9.996655    0   bigbird.tamu.edu  h_clnt_create(
> bigbird.tamu.edu): Timed out while creating connection
>It looks like they are down or I cannot connect to them.  I have not
>heard anything from TAMU to indicate anything has changed.

All is clear now.  bigbird has been down since sometime on Sunday,
and Anne sent a notification to the ldm-users email list to let folks

Please feed CRAFT data from emo.unidata.ucar.edu for the time being.
We will make an announcement to the ldm-users email list when bigbird
has been revived.


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