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20040805: Howard LDM Feeds

Hi Jason,

Please view:


It should look something like:


The LDM is very time sensitive as it looks for the time stamp to determine
what products to request..

We suggest running NTP (Network Time Protocol)...since you will be talking
to the IT folks thought you should mention this as well.


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On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, Jason T. Smith wrote:

> Hello Jeff,
>     How are things going on your end?  Here at Howard we had our local meeting
> and a few questions came up.
> 1) Right now were are getting the NNEXRAD feed, is there a default feed that
> gives more than just NNEXRAD?  Also is there a list of all of the avalible
> feeds, we have looked thoughout the UNIDATA site and counldnt find it.
> 2)  Is there anything similar to scour that can save data between specified
> dates? Like if there was a storm today, is there a script that can save that
> data so it wont be deleted when scour runs.
> I think that was it, well atleast what my notes are showing.  They were 
> talking
> about getting the decoders working, is this the decoders package on unidata's
> site?  THanks in advance.
> Jason Smith
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