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20040618: Request for CRAFT feed to Arizona

>From: Mike Leuthold <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Arizona
>Keywords: 200406181824.i5IIOIWb008897 IDD CRAFT

Hi Mike,

It has been a long time since we "talked".

Carl Sinclair of OU-CAPS/IRaDS forwarded your request for NEXRAD Level
II data to Unidata User Support for reply.

>       Arizona would like to start receiving CRAFT level II data.  We
>currently have a operational LDM6/IDD system, nimbus.atmo.arizona.edu,
>that I'd like to be allowed to feed data to.  Thanks.

The distribution of NEXRAD Level II to the Unidata community is in the
process of changing from direct feeds from OU-CAPS to feeds off of 2nd
tier IDD relay nodes that, in turn, feed off of one of the top tier
relays located at IRaDS (OU), Purdue, MAX (University of Maryland
GigaPop), and ERC (located in Ashville, NC).

The full Level II distribution topology that we (UPC) are creating is
still a work in progress, but it is pretty firm for folks in the
western US:

IRaDS will be feeding:

University of Washington   freshair.atmos.washington.edu
San Jose State University  rossby.met.sjsu.edu
UCAR (Unidata)             thelma.ucar.edu

For now, please feed off of the LDM relay node at San Jose State U.  I
just configured it to allow your feed request.

By the way, how much of the CRAFT data do you plan to ingest?

Since the Level II relay machine at SJSU is slated to be upgraded
in the not too distant future, I must warn you that you may experience
an interruption of service at some point.  During its upgrade, you
may feed from the UCAR/UPC relay, thelma.ucar.edu.

Also, It may well be the case that you would be better off feeding from
one of the midwest relay nodes like the one at Texas A&M.  I would
start you off feeding A&M if that machine was not slated to switch its
primary Level II feed from OU-CAPS to Purdue.  So, please don't be
suprised if I come back and ask you to change your Level II request in
the next couple of weeks.

While I have your attention :-), I want to touch base with you about
two different machines at UA:

nimbus.atmo.arizona.edu [ldm-6.0.10]
cyclone.atmo.arizona.edu [ldm-5.1.3]


We will be releasing a new version of LDM-6 in the coming weeks,
LDM-6.0.16.  This new release has a fix for both LDM-6 statistics
reporting routines 'pqbinstats' and 'rtstats'.  This fix is needed to
correctly report the volume of Level II data that is being received by
sites when those sites are receiving a lot of Level II stations.
Because of this fix, and because you are running a version of LDM-6 on
nimbus that we have been advising folks to upgrade for a long time, I
want to encourage you to plan to upgrade as soon as LDM-6.0.16 is


Since cyclone is running an archaic version of the LDM, LDM-5.1.3, I
want to strongly encourage you to also upgrade it to LDM-6.0.16 as soon
as it is released.  If cyclone is strictly an internal machine at UA,
it is less important to upgrade it to LDM-6, but you need to be aware
that we have basically dropped support for LDM-5.

If you decide that you want to keep cyclone running LDM-5 for some
reason, AND it is strictly an internal machine, please turn off its
reporting of 'pqbinstats' statistics.  This requires that you:

- edit ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf and comment out the 'exec' line that
  runs pqbinstats, and then stop and restart the LDM

- comment out the cron job that is setup to report 'pqbinstats'
  statistics back to Unidata

- remove the ~ldm/logs/*.stats and ~ldm/logs/ldmbinstats.upc files

Please let us know if you would like any help in upgrading your LDMs,
or have problems in feeding Level II data (CRAFT, aka NEXRD2)
from SJSU.


NOTE: All email exchanges with Unidata User Support are recorded in the
Unidata inquiry tracking system and then made publically available
through the web.  If you do not want to have your interactions made
available in this way, you must let us know in each email you send to us.

>From address@hidden  Fri Jun 18 15:04:49 2004

re: It has been a long time since we "talked".

>Hey Tom.  Yes it has.  I've been out of the loop recently, involved in
>other things here at Arizona (the WRF model) so I'm sorry if some topics
>in this email have been covered previously by you.  

>It was unclear to me to where I send the request for CRAFT data.  

re: where you will feed from

>It is no problem at all if data comes and goes or changes.   I'm flexible!
>I'll upgrade both of my machines.  Cyclone is an internal machine and
>feeds no one.  I have no reason not to upgrade, as I can recall, so I have
>no problem doing that.  I'm mainly interested in just AZ and NM RADARs.
>I'll let you know if I have any problems.  Thanks!


>Mike Leuthold
>Atmospheric Sciences/Institute of Atmospheric Physics
>University of Arizona