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20040624: FNEXRAD feed and change in NIU data relay status coming

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200406241635.i5OGZ0Wb023693 IDD FNEXRAD


>I wanted to make you aware of two things.
>First...I'd like to cancel our being a relay of our FNEXRAD mosaics. 

OK.  The best thing to do is to send a notification to the sites
that have been getting this from you to let them know that you
will no longer be relaying the data.

>Unfortunately, we can either get single-site BREF1's from every site and 
>make our own images (which we do now), or get the FNEXRAD feed. Since I am 
>updating these every 5 minutes, I'd like to bow out of relaying that *for 
>now*. Why just for a while? Well...

No worries.

>We're finally hopping onto Abilene!!! NIU is 65% confident we will have a 
>1 GB fiber link to Internet 2 live in December (my guess is that it will 
>be delayed a few months, but nothing serious). They are laying all the 
>fiber in late July. We will be linking with the Fermi National Accelerator 
>Laboratory as they are about to come online as well.

So, when your I2 link is up relaying the FNEXRAD data will not be an
issue anymore?

>I have put in a request to feed/peer all our data through that, so 
>we'll be able to feed any U. that is on I2 at that time. Or, to feed from 
>them! The connection is easily expandable to 10 GB, and will only be 
>turned on as needed. And, I have been talking to our network 
>guys here on campus So...starting this winter, I will be able to take a 
>more active role in being a relay.

>Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Sounds good.


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>From address@hidden  Thu Jun 24 15:52:08 2004

re: send a note to the sites you have been relaying data to

>Will do!
re: No worries.

re: when your I2 link is up relaying the FNEXRAD data will not be an issue

>That is correct!
re Cheers,

Lots of them today! Take care.

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