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Re: Access to IDD

Hi Doug,


Yes, the IDD is open to all research and education facilities.

Do you know what data types you will desire?

Please see:


for a list of possible "feeds"..

Given the fact that OU and CAPS are players already, I supect you will be
getting data via that path, but let's see what feeds you desire first, and
we can test some connections after that to determine the best possible
upstream feed.

nat.nssl.noaa.gov is fine for a FQDN as long as it resolves correctly..


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On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, Doug Kennedy wrote:

> Hello,
> I am Doug Kennedy with the National Severe Storms Lab.  It is my
> understanding that the lab is able to participate in the IDD?  If this
> is possible, could you please give me a point that we could connect to?
> Also, our LDM server is behind a NAT firewall.  Requests from the server
> would appear as if they was coming from nat.nssl.noaa.gov.  If necessary
> we could do some firewall configuration to change this.
> Thanks,
> Doug Kennedy
>     * Site Name: National Severe Storms Laboratory
>     * Site Administrator: Doug Kennedy
>     * Email Address:  address@hidden
>     * Phone Number: (405) 366-0442
>     * Fully Qualified Hostname:  nat.nssl.noaa.gov