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20040611: mysterious emo reboot and CRAFT volumes (cont.)

>From:  Steve Emmerson <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200406111604.i5BG4Rp9025520 IDD CRAFT LDM pqbinstats rtstats


>"pieces in the feed"?
>What's a "piece"?  Is it the origin of the data-product (i.e., the host
>on which the ingester runs)?

Both stats programs put counts for "stuff" into bins (pqBINstats wink,
wink).  The number of bins that was available was set in a #define to
be (12*NGROW), where NGROW is 8.  Chiz showed me the section of code
briefly just before he left yesterday afternoon - it looks like Glenn
was overloading the use of a size definition.  Chiz can explain it

So, the mod that Chiz has made (may change) will need to be rolled
into an LDM-6.0.16, AND we will need to let CRAFT redistributers
know about the problem as soon as possible.  The fix is in on
emo and atm, so it is being field stress tested ;-)

re: CRAFT is now 1 GB/hour and is set to grow mucho
>Oh goody!  :-(

Yup.  Big time data movement!!

BTW, 3 jugs are in my office.


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