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20040322: CONDUIT Feed Requests

>From: "Patrick D Hildreth" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NOAA/FSL
>Keywords: 200403222159.i2MLxIrV007646 IDD CONDUIT


>We have set up two new machines we would like to request CONDUIT data for.
>They are :
>conduita.fsl.noaa.gov  -
>conduitb.fsl.noaa.gov  -

OK.  I checked forward and reverse name lookup for both of these machines
and everything looks good.

>These are a high availability pair that will become our primary CONDUIT
>machines in the long term, but we'd like to keep the existing eldm2 allow in
>place until we can complete the transition to these new machines.

OK.  Hopefully, the transition will be a fast one.

>Additionally we were wondering if it would be acceptable to have both
>machines ingesting concurrently.

We would rather feed a single machine at a site and then have the site
(you) configure that machine to relay data to other machines at the site.

>If not we can just perform ingest on
>the primary member of the pair and switch ot the other as needed for

I would setup conduita to feed CONDUIT from thelma, and conduitb to
feed from conduita.  At the same time, I would put a commented out
request line in the ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file on conduitb that,
when uncommented, will request directly from thelma.  In this way,
the queue on conduitb would be as full of current data as possible
when conduita is taken out of service.

You may begin requesting the CONDUIT data from conduita whenever
you are ready.


No worries.

>Patrick Hildreth <address@hidden>

Tom Yoksas
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>From address@hidden  Wed Mar 24 08:51:05 2004
>Cc: "Patrick D Hildreth" <address@hidden>,
>     Bob Lipschutz <address@hidden>,
>     Chris Macdermaid <address@hidden>

Thanks, Tom.  We'll be sure to only request from 
one host or the other.  We intend to discontinue the
original eldm2 client when we go live with the new
systems.  We won't make the switch until next week.

    Bob Lipschutz
    NOAA  Forecast Systems Lab