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20040116: requesting test LDM feed allow from thelma

>From: Mike Voss <address@hidden>
>Organization: SJSU
>Keywords: 200401162134.i0GLY1p2017717 IDD test feeds

Hi Mike,

Good to see you at AMS.

>I currently feed to rossby.met.sjsu.edu from thelma.ucar.edu. Our campus is
>pursuing Internet2 connectivity and related to that I would like to be able
>to feed another machine from thelma on a test only basis. I would like to
>have the following two names (in addition to rossby) allowed to feed ALL
>from thelma:


We can setup you up with temporary feeds, but I would rather not do it
on thelma.  Instead, please have these machines feed from
emo.unidata.ucar.edu.  After verifying forward and reverse name lookup
for the two hosts you want to test on, I setup the necessary feed
allows, so you are ready to go.

>I would only feed one of these addresses at a time and only temporarily.
>Basically, the two names will allow me to test my machine inside our local
>subnet  and then place it just inside and outside the campus firewall. This
>will greatly increase our ability to troubleshoot limitations on our campus

The redundant feeds are not a problem for us as long as they are temporary.

>Background in case anyone is curious:
>Currently we have an OC12 campus backbone with OC3 uplink, and OC3 to the
>Internet, which we don't get all of. In the next few months we are going
>to 10 Gbps campus backbone with 1 Gpbs uplink, and an OC12 connection to
>the Internet.  And and Internet2 connection.


>Campus network engineers would like to test the LDM on our existing network.
>All of a sudden they are just dying to help me...go figure.

I allowed you for all non-restricted IDD datastreams on emo, so you
will be able to test with up to 2.5 GB/hr of data.


No worries.


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>From address@hidden Fri Jan 16 16:29:54 2004


Thanks for getting this setup on emo, much appreciated! I'll let you
know what we find, and when I no longer require the redundant feeds.

Nice to see you at AMS as well, I enjoyed your talk on IDD Brazil. It's
amazing what you've been able to get going down there.


PS, I have another question but it's off topic so I'll email you