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20040110: DNS and reverse lookup on bigbird?

>From:  Gerry Creager N5JXS <address@hidden>
>Organization:  Texas A&M University -- AATLT
>Keywords:  200401101536.i0AFaxp2023853


re: LDM needs reverse name lookup for bigbird.tamhsc.edu

>Works now.

I see this as well.  I removed the /etc/hosts entry for bigbird on
emo and stopped and restarted the LDM.  bigbird was able to reconnect
with no problems.

>Regards, Gerry
>ps: I'm off for the week to Seattle for the American Meteorological 
>Society.  I may be calling if things go south again, but so far, load 
>factors and CPU utilization by kjournald are 'way down.  If it breaks 
>and someone's heading to College Station, we will probably just load it 
>up and ship it.

I am the AMS conference as well.


>From address@hidden Sat Jan 10 15:02:00 2004

FWIW, load averages are remaining below 5.0 and there's no sign of 
kjournald problems so far.  We'll see where things go.  I'm trying to 
sort out my pqact; it doesn't appear happy.  I tried to install gempak 
and probably thought at some point: It's my experience that it's better 
to suspend active cerebration and simply, mechanically follow the 
directions when installing ldm and gempak...

See you tomorrow or Monday.