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f5.aos.wisc.edu is down..


If you feed from UW-AOS, please fail over to an alternate until
further notice.

I upgraded the BIOS on the RAID card in f5 on at the suggestion
of Dell support, and now it is not booting. I am hoping to get
this resolved soon, will update when I can.

Sorry for the outage..


>From address@hidden Fri Oct 24 13:18:11 2003


Just a quick update on f5.aos.wisc.edu. The machine has been up
and ingesting data since about 1:30 AM CDT (06:30 UTC). I think
it's safe for anyone to fail back over to us now.  Who would have
imagined that a raid card firmware upgrade would wipe the boot
record off the boot disk. Booting off a rescue disk and reinstalling 
the boot record for grub solved the problem.

Also, with the upcoming UIUC downtime this Sunday, if anyone needs 
a failover site please contact me with what data feeds you need and 
what your machine is.

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