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20031021: pqinsert setup on datoo; please update (cont.)

>From: Robert Leche <address@hidden>
>Organization: SRCC
>Keywords:  200310082202.h5IM27Ld018077 IDD LDM SDI feed names

Hi Bob,

>the following is a snip of Datoo's ldmd.conf.  Notice the WMO
>statement.  This was added (years ago?) when a certain product was
>missing down stream.

I think I remember the particulars of the missing product, and
understand why this may have been done in the past.  The thing is that
the processing of the particular product should have been fixed by one
or more updates to the SDI software loaded on datoo.

>I don't remember the product, but I remember
>going through the exercise of directing Datoo to process the WMO type.

OK.  The problem with this approach is that the stream ends up getting
named by the first name in the list, WMO.

>exec    "pqbinstats"
>#exec    "pqing -f IDS|DDPLUS /tmp/jmb.fifo.1"
>exec   "pqing -f WMO|IDS|DDPLUS /tmp/jmb.fifo.1"
>exec    "pqing -f HRS /tmp/jmb.fifo.2"
>exec    "pqact"
>exec    "rtstats -h rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu"
>After the change the  code section is now:
>exec    "pqbinstats"
>exec    "pqing -f IDS|DDPLUS /tmp/jmb.fifo.1"
>#exec   "pqing -f WMO|IDS|DDPLUS /tmp/jmb.fifo.1"
>exec    "pqing -f HRS /tmp/jmb.fifo.2"
>exec    "pqact"
>exec    "rtstats -h rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu"

Looks good.  Thanks!

>The changes where made  as requested and Datoo was restarted.  I will
>monitor our decoded products for missing types.

Since you are relaying through seistan, and since seistan gets
redundant feeds from datoo and unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu, which, in turn,
gets a redundant feed from thelma.ucar.edu, which, in turn, gets its
feeds from Unidata NOAAPORT ingest systems, you should not see any
missing products in either the IDS|DDPLUS or HRS feeds.

>I didn't receive the October 8 email. This strange. Our email systems
>have had many changes lately to block spam and or virus attachments.
>I/we  have not seen  indications of lost email. But I will check back
>to see if it  was inadvertantly missed. As a general rule of thumb, if
>I don't answer in a day or two, sent another email, or call. As a
>general rule this is not often a problem. I do respond to email. Please
>don't wait a month.

Well, I was pretty busy, so it is not like I was anxiously waiting for
a response.  I'm glad the change has been made now.

Thanks for he help!