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Re: 20030929: request to upgrade your LDM from 6.0.10 to 6.0.14

>As part of the assessment of the Unidata Internet Data Distribution
>(IDD) system in preparation for reorganization, I have compiled a list
>of sites who are not currently running the latest LDM available from
>the UPC.  Our records indicate that you are the contact person for one
>of these sites, so I am writing to strongly encourage you upgrade your
>LDM installation.  If you are not the appropriate LDM contact person at
>your institution, please relay this email to the appropriate person and
>let us know who s/he is.  Thanks!
>The older the versions of the LDM that you are running, the more you
>need to upgrade.
>- Sites running LDM versions prior to LDM-6.x should upgrade immediately.
>- Sites running LDM releases prior to LDM-6.0.13 stand to benefit greatly
>  from an upgrade.  There was a significant change in the connection
>  strategy between LDM-6.0.10/11/12 and LDM-6.0.14:  LDM-6.0.10 would
>  first try to connect to an upstream site using LDM-6 protocols, and,
>  if the connection attempt failed for any reason, drop back to using
>  LDM-5 protocols.  When an upstream LDM-6 is stopped and restarted
>  while a downstream is connected, the connection can switch from use
>  of LDM-6 protocols to LDM-5 protocols, and the feed will become less
>  efficient for both the upstream server and downstream client.
>- 6.0.13 users will still benefit from an upgrade to 6.0.14, but the
>  benefits are not nearly as great as from previous versions.
>  this situation, we are asking you to upgrade the LDM installation on
>  our machine(s) to 6.0.14 as soon as possible.
>We are willing to do the LDM upgrade for you if we are given
>appropriate logins to your machine(s) (we need the login as the user
>'ldm', and could use a login as 'root' if you would like us to complete
>the installation step that requires 'root' access).   An upgrade of
>your LDM would also include a review of the 'request' lines in your
>~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file, and a reorganization of those that would
>benefit from modification.
>The following lists show which sites are running old LDM versions.
>Some sites are included in more than one grouping.
>IDD Sites running LDM-5.x
>University of Oklahoma/CAPS
>munchkin.caps.ou.edu [ 5.x.x ]
>Tom Yoksas
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After a lot of pestering, I got my System Admin to install 6.0.14 on a system
earlier today for testing purposes.  I've run into one problem.  Program
"dcmetr" likes to seg fault a lot, as in several times an hour.  Our version of
GEMPAK is from 2002, so I'm hoping a GEMPAK software upgrade will fix the
problem.  I've put in a request to your Admin people for the upgrade.

        Kevin W. Thomas
        Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms
        University of Oklahoma
        Norman, Oklahoma
        Email:  address@hidden