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20030929: LDM upgrade

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: McGill
>Keywords: 200309300200.h8U20tk1010309

Hi Rick,

>     I was under the impression that you performed
>the upgrade to 6.0.14 already on the McGill machine

I upgraded maelstrom2 to a current LDM release and was told that
there would be a decision on whether or not it would be taking
over for maelstrom.  I never received word back on what was desired,
so I was uncertain as to what you is wanted.

>If you're still in need
>of passwords, etc, please let me know and I'll arrange it.

I have access to maelstrom2 (or, at least, had access).  The access
to maelstrom2 did not work on maelstrom.  If it had I would
have upgraded both machines back in the summer.

Has there been a decision made as to which machine is to be kept
running an LDM?  If so, I will make sure that machine gets upgraded
to the current release of the LDM and will tune up its ldmd.conf
data requests.

Please either call and leave the passwords, or send them to my
personal email account -- without reference to account or
machine names --:  303.497.8642; address@hidden.


>Rick Danielson