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Re: LDM at the University Of Michigan *Please Read* (fwd) (fwd)


Things are quite different from the way they were portrayed in the earlier messages.


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Date: Saturday, August 30, 2003 10:20 AM -0400
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Subject: Re: LDM at the University Of Michigan *Please Read* (fwd)


        Let's be clear about the changes.  We are
        excusing Tom from his duties as he lives in Connecticut
        now.  These tasks will be taken over by a student
        and for the short term we are not confident we can
        bring the student up to speed at a level that
        is sufficiently reliable for downstream users.

        Tom's note suggests the department is going belly-up
        when the truth is we are anticipating considerable
        growth (4-5 faculty slots over the next five years)
        while adjusting to some internal changes.  Dennis Baker
        has decided to retire next June so our needs are changing
        in synoptics.  Bluntly, we actually intend to ratchet up our use of
        technology in the classroom with new hires and upgrade
        to a wider range of tools for that purpose with an emphasis
        on new technologies.  If you are willing to muse about
        upcoming candidates and/or movable established faculty
        I'd love to hear.

        I hope all is well with you.  I sent my first born
        off to college last week (Indiana) and am adjusting
        to the hole in my home and in my wallet.


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