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20030829: Fwd: LDM at the University Of Michigan *Please Read*

>From: Tom Grzelak <address@hidden>
>Organization: Rutgers
>Keywords: 200308291958.h7TJwbLd027071 IDD primary


re: umich lessening support for LDM/IDD support
>This means I have now lost my primary: umich.

As Perry Sampson's email this morning notes, the University of Michigan
is not dropping out of the IDD.  They will not, however, have a full
time employee responsible for their node.

We have already already been in contact with UM, and we have offered
to help administer their IDD node remotely from Boulder.  We are hoping
that this will allow the UM node to remain viable as an upper level relay
through these times of strained bugdets.

>I was recently assigned atm.geo.nsf.gov as my backup.  I am currently 
>feeding off of that machine.  Can I have a new primary?

Use atm.geo.nsf.gov as your primary feed site.  I just setup the top
level IDD node, at the University of Wisconsin/SSEC,
unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu, to act as your backup site (for now).

We will be realigning the IDD topology as the fall progresses, so
please don't be alarmed if/when we come back to you and ask you to
change your primary/failover feed sites.


No worries.

Tom Yoksas