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20030716: Conduit feed ALTERNATE

>From: Jerrold Robaidek <address@hidden>
>Organization: UW/SSEC
>Keywords: 200307161420.h6GEK8Ld010923 IDD CONDUIT ALTERNATE

Hi Jerry,

>I am currently feeding CONDUIT data from UWisconsin AOS (f5.aos.wisc.edu) as
>my PRIMARY, since we are beginning to use this data more regularly, I would
>also like an ALTERNATE. 
>Could you please tell me who we should use as an alternate?

Use flood.atmos.uiuc.edu.  The Unidata contact at U Illinois is "David
Wojtowicz" <address@hidden>.  You will probably have to contact Dave
to get him to add an allow line for your machine, dcarchive.ssec.wisc.edu.


No worries.