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20030701:NEMA Data Source

Hi Jordan,

LDM is the mechanism for ingesting the data, GEMPAK decodes and renders
the data for visualization.

Generally, the Unidata IDD (Internet Data Distribution) is reserved for
educational facilities and research organizations. I see that NEMA is a
non-profit agency working for the public good, so..the way I see it..you
fit into this category.

With agencies such as yours we find it best to "partner" with a nearby
university for yor data feed.

Where are you located, and what data products do you hope to ingest?

Please see:

Thank you,

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On Mon, 30 Jun 2003, Jordan Gerth wrote:

> Hello,
> Within the past months, I have attempted to get GEMPAK ingesting data,
> and have been working to get LDM as the source of weather data. Being
> new to Linux, this process has been difficult at times. Is this the
> right course of action to obtain a data source at this time?
> Perhaps you can guide me as to the "Fully Qualified Hostname of the IDD
> Node."
> Sincerely,
> Jordan Gerth
> National Environmental and Meteorological Association