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20030521: IDD feed UPDATE from Rutgers

>From: Tom Grzelak <address@hidden>
>Organization: Rutgers
>Keywords: 200305211638.h4LGcfLd028191 LDM ldmadmin IDD

Hi Tom,

>Just want to let you know:
>I have switched our NNEXRAD feed to atm.geo.nsf.gov.

Thanks.  This helps us out.

>I had only switched 
>to Cornell this AM since Michigan's NNEXRAD feed went away and it was raining!

Wouldn't you know :-)

>I assume that Cornell is no longer my backup site anymore.

That is correct.  There will be a general announcement coming up.

>Can't they just 
>remove everyone from their ldmd.conf that they used to feed?

They will.  We felt it was more friendly to contact folks and ask
them to stop their requests than to simply shut them off.

>That way they 
>can minimize events like today.  If I was paying bucks for my usage I would 
>have done that on the first day!

The pay-per-byte charging goes into effect on July 1.  At that point, they
will have disallowed all feed requests outside of Cornell.

>Also, I saw no message telling me that I should have switched my 
>backup.  Did I miss something?

No, you did not miss anything.  We are first contacting folks
individually and asking for the switch.  Since you were on the list of
sites to be contacted, and since you sent in an inquiry that I was
going to answer anyway, I took the opportunity to ask for the switch.


Thanks for the quick switch!