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20030521: CONDUIT meeting

>From: Pete Pokrandt <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200305211520.h4LFKOLd006377

Hi Pete,

re: NIMAGE feed
>Great, thanks!

No worries.  If we find that the feed from papagayo is not "good"
enough (it should be, it is getting everything with very low
latencies), then we will have to think about shifting your feed to
either thelma or atm.geo.nsf.gov.  atm, by the way, is already setup
for you to feed NIMAGE.  atm is a Sun Sunfire 280 (dual 900 Mhz
processors, 1 TB disk, 8 GB RAM) located in the ATM offices of NSF in
Arlingron, VA.  It is running our homegrown 4 channel NOAAPORT ingester
and is being setup as _the_ toplevel IDD relay node in the Eastern

>Will you be at the CONDUIT meeting next Thursday? I'm coming
>out for it, hope to see/meet many of the names I see on these

I was not planning on participating in the CONDUIT meeting, but
I will make sure to stick my nose in so we can meet.