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20030515: LDM-6.0.11 use and real time statistics reporting

>From: Unidata Support <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200305121843.h4CIhU7U016942 LDM-6 IDD rtstats


FTP logs at the UPC show that someone from your institution (or, at
least, someone in the same domain as you) downloaded a current LDM
release, either version 6.0.10 or 6.0.11.  Since we are either not
receiving real time statistics from the primary IDD node at your site
while, at the same time, we are receiving statistics from one or more
of your machines that is(are) running LDM-5, I am writing to request
that you upgrade all of your LDM machines to the current release,
6.0.11.  Reporting of real time ingest statistics will help us
continually evaluate the performance of the IDD and make adjustments
when/where needed.

Some relevant information:

Building LDM-6.0.11

  Information on building, installing, and configuring LDM-6.0.11 can
  be found online at:


  If you you would like help in upgrading to LDM-6.0.11, please let us

Reporting real time statistics

  The ldmd.conf entry that needs to be added to report real time
  statistics back to Unidata is:

  exec  "rtstats -h rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu"

  This 'exec' line should be the last 'exec' line in ldmd.conf.  Please
  remember that after making this modification, you will need to stop
  and restart your LDM:

  <login as 'ldm'>
  <modify ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf>

  ldmadmin stop
  <wait for all LDM processes to exit>
  ldmadmin start

Upgrading a machine from an LDM previous to 5.1.3 to LDM-6

  If you are upgrading a machine that is running an LDM version that is
  older than 5.1.3, you will need to delete and remake your LDM queue.
  This will need to be done after you have built the LDM-6 from source;
  run 'make install' as the user 'ldm';  run 'make install_setuids' as
  'root'; adjusted values in the new LDM's startup script, ldmadmin
  (the most commonly adjusted parameters are: $hostname, $udunits,
  $pq_size, $surf_size, and/or $numlogs); and changed your runtime link
  to point at ldm-6.0.11.

  Deleting and remaking the queue is as simple as:

  ldmadmin delqueue
  ldmadmin mkqueue                  <- this make take some time

We are available to help you upgrade your LDM and to tune your data
requests in the LDM configuration file, ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf.  Please let
us know how we can help you!

Thanks in advance for your help...

Tom Yoksas