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20030514: request to upgrade to latest LDM release, 6.0.10 (cont.)

>From: "Chad W. Johnson" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Weather Central
>Keywords: 200305121843.h4CIhU7U016942 LDM-6.0.11

Hi Chad,

>Weather Central has upgraded to LDM release 6.0.11.

Thanks for the quick response!  I noticed the real time stats update
before seeing your email.  The real time stats making supporting
the LDM/IDD very nice!

So, are you the "official" Unidata contact at Weather Central?  If
so, I will update our files.


>Chad W. Johnson                Email: address@hidden
>Programmer/Meteorologist       Phone: 608 274 5789
>Weather Central, Inc           Fax: 608 273 5854
>Madison, WI 53719