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20030514: upgrade of LDM on cyclone.natnet.du.edu (cont.)

>From:  Michael Keables <address@hidden>
>Organization:  DU
>Keywords: 200305121843.h4CIhU7U016942 LDM-6 IDD rtstats ldm-mcidas McIDAS-XCD

Hi Mike,

>Thanks for upgrading cyclone. I've been meaning to do this but just
>haven't found the time.

No worries.  I am glad to help, and this helps us get a better picture
of the IDD and how it is performing.

The reporting of real time statistics is a major leap forward for
status monitoring of the IDD.  You can review time series plots
of latencies for the various feeds that you are receiving online


Click on the 'Statistics by host' link and then on the link that
is your machine's name and you will get a page of links for
latency displays, volume, numbers of products, etc.  The last
item for each feed type is 'topology'.  This page will show you
how the data got to your machine, and the machine name links
listed will result in time series plots of differential latencies,
the latencies seen from one machine to the next in the topology
hierarchy.  This is very handy for pinpointing exactly where
there may be problems in your data reception.

I logged onto cyclone and finished the LDM-6.0.11 installation:

<as 'ldm'>
cd ldm-6.0.11/src
/usr/ccs/bin/make install_setuids

cd ../bin

<edit ldmadmin and set values following the lead from your current
ldmadmin, ~ldm/bin/ldmadmin.  The only change made from the defaults
was the size of your LDM queue (400 MB to 1 GB).  $hostname did not
have to be set since 'uname -n' returned a fully qualified host
name for cyclone.  If 'uname -n' had returned just 'cyclone', then
$hostnanme _would_ have to be set in ldmadmin.>

cd ~ldm/etc

<edit ldmd.conf and add the exec line that reports real time
statisitcs.  Also, I added the rtstats exec line to all copies
of ldmd.conf that I found in ~ldm/etc.>

exec    "rtstats -h rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu"

cd ~ldm
ldmadmin stop
rm runtime
ln -s ldm-6.0.11 runtime
ldmadmin delqueue       <- necessary since you were running a fairly old
                           LDM, LDM-5.1.2
ldmadmin mkqueue        <- this takes a bit of time
ldmamdin start

The LDM-6 is now running on cyclone and things seem to be working
correctly.  Also, I see real time statistics from cyclone, so the
information I listed above about seeing your latencies is now valid.
The time series plots will become more interesting after a bit of
history of latencies is received from cyclone.

While I was at it, I decided to upgrade your McIDAS-X installation
to the latest addendum, v2002b (you were at v2002a).  One of the
major reasons for doing this was to update the McIDAS-XCD synoptic
data monitor, DMSYN.  The other reason was so that your McIDAS
sessions could correctly get sounding data from ADDE remote servers
being run on Linux machines (this corrects a long standing bug).
There are, of course, a number of other mods that are important,
but the two above are the ones most worth mentioning.

I did the McIDAS upgrade as follows:

<login as 'mcidas'>
cd mcidas2002/update
ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
  <user> umcidas
  <pass> XXXXXX
  cd unix/2002/bugfix
  get mcupdate.tar.Z
cd ../src
make all
make install.bin install.xcdbin install.data install.xcddata

Since it is prudent to stop and restart the LDM after a new McIDAS
install is done (for the XCD decoders), I did just that.

Also, since I installed the latest ldm-mcidas release yesterday
and the LDM today, I decided to do some cleanup in ~ldm:

<as 'ldm'>
rm -rf ldm-7.6.4
rmdir ldm         <- this was empty
rm -rf ldm-5.1.2

>Thanks again!

I'm glad to help.  Please let me know if you see anything amiss on

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