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20030423: atmos.uprm.edu IP Change

>From:  Luis Munoz <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UPRM
>Keywords:  200304240323.h3O3NJ7U021069

Hi Luis,

>  Because of some recent subnet restructuring at the Physics Department
>atmos' IP address changed recently.

I happened to notice this not too long after it happened by seeing that
the request for data on one of the upstream hosts, atm.geo.nsf.gov, was
being denied.  I changed that machine's allow and atmos started getting
those data again.

Yesterday, I noticed that the LDM was not running on atmos at all.  I
logged in and installed a binary distribution of our latest LDM,
LDM-6.0.10, to get things up to revision.  The problem with that binary
distribution is that it was created on a RedHat 7.3 Linux system (that is
running the same kernel version as atmos), and atmos is running
Slackware 7.1.0 Linux.  I would much rather build the LDM and McIDAS
distributions on the target machine, as this tends to eliminate a
number of potential problems, but the development enviornment on atmos
is broken (there is a consistent failure when trying to find the
routine 'atexit' from the C library).  Would it be possible for you or
someone else to look into the development environment on atmos?  I
realize that this is difficult for you since you are in San Juan, not
Mayaguez, but it would sure help in getting both the LDM and McIDAS
running correctly on atmos.

>I'm still not sure why we weren't (or
>it was just me) notified about the change.  Since the change we haven't
>been receiving our LDM feed.

Yesterday I moved all data requests to the top level IDD relay machine,
atm.geo.nsf.gov where I have complete control over the allows for the
LDM.  I verified that atmos was once again ingesting and decoding data,
and I was able to view the data remotely through the McIDAS ADDE remote
server, so things were working yesterday.

>From what I've seen I think it could be a
>problem with our data provider's hosts.allow, but I'm not sure.  What can
>we do about this?  As always, thank you for your help.

I have been trying to access atmos for the past few minutes (with ssh),
but I have been unsuccessful

% ssh atmos.uprm.edu -l ldm
ssh: connect to host atmos.uprm.edu port 22: Connection timed out

I will continue to try when I get into the office (I am working from
home at the moment).


>From address@hidden Thu Apr 24 17:29:35 2003


Thank you VERY much for your help.  As always, it is greatly
appreciated.  I'm downloading the windows binaries for IDV as we speak.

-Luis Munoz