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20030418: UFRJ as a primary IDD redistribution point for Brazil (cont.)

>From: Tom Yoksas <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>>Keywords:  200210011729.g91HTQ111931 LDM-6 IDD-Brazil

Hi David,

>I just did what you asked below, and please feel free to do the
>modifications you need.

Wonderful.  As soon as I saw your message this morning, I logged onto
brisa and made the modifications.  You are now up and running LDM-6.0.10
and reporting real time statistics.  To take a look at the real time
statistics, you can look at:


Click on the 'Statistics by Host' link and then on the
'brisa.meteoro.ufrj.br [ 6.0.10 ]' link.  In the second page, you will
find entries for each type of data feed you are receiving.

The real time statistics have demonstrated that there is a problem with
the clock on your system: it is over an hour in the future.  I verified
this by logging on to brisa and running 'date -u' while simultaneously
doing the same thing on a machine here in our office:


[ldm@brisa ldm]$ date -u
Tue Apr 22 00:34:51 UTC 2003


/local/ldm% date -u
Mon Apr 21 23:33:42 GMT 2003

Would it be possible for you to reset the clock on brisa?  I found that
running ntpdate from 'root's cron once-per-hour is usually sufficient
for keeping a system's clock set correctly.  I know that RPN operates
at least one time server for each state in Brazil:


so you do best to use the one in Rio:

ntp.pop-rj.rnp.br (

As per the RNP web page, you should send an email to notify them that
you are using this time server:

PoP-RJ/Brazilian Research Network (RNP)

NTP V4 Secondary (stratum 2), IBM-RS6000/AIX

service area:

access policy:
Open access to stratum 2 and stratum 3 NTP servers. Please, send an
e-mail to notify.


The ntpdate invocation I would setup if I had 'root' access on brisa is:

0 * * * * /usr/sbin/ntpdate ntp.pop-rj.rnp.br > /dev/null

>Glad to help.

I really appreciate your help in getting this setup and working properly!


Tom Yoksas

>From address@hidden Mon Apr 21 19:45:39 2003


The clock skew was due some strange bug on ntpd service running on
brisa when it was last restarted (April the 16th). I had solved the issue
like you said, back when you did first ldm setup, only pointing to a local
ntp server (ntp.ufrj.br) instead of the one you mentioned.

The clock is adjusted now. Let me know if anything else is needed.

Best Regards,

David Garrana