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20030421: building ldm-mcidas on FreeBSD 4.8; new LDM host

>From: Mark Tucker <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State
>Keywords: 200304211433.h3LEXd7U002066 ldm-mcidas FreeBSD 4.8


>On Monday 21 April 2003 19:44, you wrote:
>> >CC=/usr/bin/gcc
>> >FC=/usr/bin/f77
>> >CPP_LDM=-I/software/ldm/include
>> >LD_LDM=-L/software/ldm/lib
>> This should be:
>> LD_LDM=-L/software/ldm/lib -lldm
>That was my main problem.  I must have failed to catch the whole line during  
>my copy & paste.

Been there!

>> The other define you should have in place is:
>I found that one too on the web site while I continued to work on the problem.
>Everything built and installed without errors.  Thanks again.

Sounds good.

>BTW, we'll be putting a new ldm server on line within the next week or two 
>once I'm satisfied that the new machine is completely configured.  Does there 
>need to be any formal notification of the change (when it happens).  Our 
>current ldm server is Zeus.lsc.vsc.edu and it will be replaced with 

There needs to be a notification if the machine feeds from hosts
that external to your site.  I see from the real time statistics being
reported by zeus right now that:

1) zeus feeds some feeds from hosts external to Lyndon, and from a
   machine named apex.lsc.vsc.edu

2) the clock on zeus is drifting

One of the things we are working towards is the gathering and display
of real time IDD statistics.  To us, this means gathering of statistics
from machines that are actively participating in the IDD -- this excludes
machines internal to departments _unless_ they feed machines that are
external to the department or if they ingest from machines outside
of the department.

The question is if apex.lsc.vsc.edu is getting data from IDD sites
external to Lyndon?  If yes, then apex should be reporting real time
stats, not zeus.  However, since zeus _does_ get data from external IDD
hosts, it should report real time stats for those feeds.

I am under the impression that Lyndon now has a NOAAPORT reception
system.  Is apex getting the data from that system and then relaying it
to zeus?  If yes, then it may be good for apex to report statistics,
especially if zeus or its follow-on, omega, will ever feed a machine
outside of Lyndon.

In terms of reporting real time statistics, 'rtstats' can be
tailored to report statistics for selective feeds by use of its
'-f' flag.  See the man page for rtstats for more information.

Lastly, it would be a good idea to take a look at the clock on zeus
(or on omega when it takes over from zeus).

Here is an example of how to run ntpdate out of root's cron:

0 * * * * /usr/sbin/ntpdate timeserver > /dev/null

You would replace 'timeserver' with the fully qualified hostname for
the time server you would access to set your clock.  Lists of Stratum
1 and 2 time servers can be found, respectively in:

Stratum 1::


Stratum 2::


I have been advising folks to look through these web pages and identify
a public Stratum 2 server that is "close" to you.  Using the time
service from these folks typically requires that you send them an
email that you are doing so.