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20030413: failover site for Purdue

>From: "Benjamin J. Cotton" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Purdue
>Keywords: 200304131755.h3DHtd7U001031 IDD failover


As Anne said, you can failover to thelma.ucar.edu. However, it would be
better if you failed over to atm.geo.nsf.gov.  I sent a note to
ldm-users about using 'atm' as a failover yesterday.  The LDM on 'atm'
is running off a newly installed 4-port NOAAPORT system in the ATM
offices of NSF.  'atm' will pickup more of the IDD distriubtion tasks
in the coming weeks as we load balance the IDD.

Thanks in advance...

>"Benjamin J. Cotton" wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>> I was out of town last night, and I didn't get up til late this morning.
>> Lo and behold, flood has dried up (please forgive my pun).  Theoretically,
>> my failover site is yin.engin.umich.edu, but it doesn't seem like they
>> have me in their allow lines.  Can anyone add anvil.eas.purdue.edu to
>> their allow until flood comes back on?
>> Thanks,
>> Ben
>> ==========================
>> Benjamin J. Cotton
>> LDM/Forecast Game Administrator
>> Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science
>> Purdue University
>> Staff Meteorologist, WCCR
>> 165 Cary Quadrangle        (502) 551-5403 (cell)
>> West Lafayette, IN  47096  (765) 49-52298 (campus)

Tom Yoksas

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