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20030411: IDD/LDM-UMKC

Hi Jimmy,

Great to hear back from!

We do not have a Sun Linux machine here, so I cannot say for sure.(it is
not a supported platform here..yet)

We have had success with Red Hat Linux and I run a Solaris x86 box myself
with the full suite of Unidata apps. After reading some documentation at
Sun's website, it seems that all of our apps would run on the Sun Linux
OS, but I cannot say for certain. It appears as if it is a standard Linux
OS with some tuning for the SUN server. So I suspect the Linux version of
our apps would work fine, just not certain ;)

Solaris x86 has proven quite stable.

Most gracious of you to offer up possible future feeds from your node, an
I2 connect is great for this!

Keep me posted and let me know how I can help get this going.


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On Fri, 11 Apr 2003, Adegoke, Jimmy wrote:

> Hi Jeff,
>  We met briefly when I visited your Boulder office last fall. I inquired
> then about getting UMKC into the Unidata network and got some
> encouragement from you. I had just taken up a job as Assist. Prof. at
> UMKC when we met.

>  I am now fairly settled and have a lab that should be fully functional
> in the next week or so. I have registered our site so I believe UMKC now
> officially a Unidata site. You may recall that I mentioned that UMKC is
> already on Internet-II network. Our site could evolve into a mini-node
> that can service other Unidata sites around here in the Midwest. We'll
> talk more about that later.

>  We have a Sun LX50 entry level Linux server, and 2 Sun Blade 2000
> systems running Solaris 8. Here is the question I have for you: will the
> Unidata suite of software work on the Sun Linux 5.0 OS? We will be
> installing compilers for the Sun Blade machines this weekend, so we can
> install the Unidata software on Solaris, if the Sun Linux 5.0 OS does
> not work. Let us know.
> Thanks Jeff,
> Jimmy
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