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20030128: FNEXRAD feed (cont.)

>From: Bill Noon <address@hidden>
>Organization: Cornell
>Keywords: 200301282131.h0SLVm622611 IDD FNEXRAD


>Tom -- Thanks for the info.

Glad to help.

>I see that unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu is sending FNEXRAD data so I will get 
>FNEXRAD and NEXRAD from there.

Very good.  sunshine.ssec is an oldish, slow PC that has way too many
sites feeding from it.  unidata2.ssec will become the primary relay
IDD relay node (and THREDDS server) at SSEC.

FYI, the set of top level injection sites for NOAAPORT data is evolving
to be:

Organization           Machine
U Wisc/SSEC            unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu
UCAR                   thelma.ucar.edu
NSF                    atm.geo.nsf.gov (new machine being installed)
LSU                    sirocco.srcc.lsu.edu
Wx Underground         frost.wunderground.com

Graphically, this looks like:


re: missing request for FNEXRAD

>I had been requesting NMC3 data (same as FNEXRAD) and decided to 
>generalize to NMC (FNEXRAD|AFOS|NCEPH).  I will change to just the 
>FNEXRAD and feed from unidata2.

My mistake, sorry.

>Someone from Howard University was requesting the NGRID data, so I 
>figured it was active.

The request for NGRID is a mistake.  Please ignore it.