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20030128: 20030128: FNEXRAD feed

>From: Bill Noon <address@hidden>
>Organization: Cornell
>Keywords: 200301282131.h0SLVm622611 IDD FNEXRAD

Hi Bill,

>Tom -- Checking the stats, I found that we also stopped getting the  
>FNEXRAD feed from sunshine.ssec.wisc.edu on 1/25.  Though we are  
>getting NNEXRAD data from sunshine.ssec.wisc.edu, there is not FNEXRAD  

OK, I think that something happened on sunshine.ssec that stopped them
requesting the FNEXRAD data.  The plan is for sites feeding from
sunshine.ssec.wisc.edu to move to unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu, so I would
recommend you switch your FNEXRAD and NNEXRAD feeds to it.

>thelma is sending the data fine and I have failed over there.

Please feed FNEXRAD and NNEXRAD from unidata2.ssec instead of thelma.
Thelma gets a disproportionate share of feed requests, and we want to
spread the load more evenly around the net.

>I guess that I am a little confused as to what feeds I should be  
>getting and sending on from snow.nrcc.cornell.edu.
>My current ldmd.conf is as follows:
>request FSL2    ".*"    thelma.unidata.ucar.edu
>request WMO     ".*"    thelma.unidata.ucar.edu
>request NMC     ".*"    thelma.unidata.ucar.edu
>request MCIDAS  ".*"    gold.ssec.wisc.edu
>request NEXRAD  ".*"    sunshine.ssec.wisc.edu
>#request        NMC     ".*"    sunshine.ssec.wisc.edu

I don't see a request for FNEXRAD, so there must be at least one missing
request from this list.

>Should I also be sending the NPORT data?

Well, WMO _is_ NOAAPORT data, and we don't want people using the
NPORT feed (this is not for general use yet).  WMO is a mnemonic for
the combination of IDS|DDPLUS|PPS|HRS data that is delivered in
NOAAPORT channel 3.  In a similar fashion, UNIDATA is a mnemonic
for WMO|MCIDAS.  FYI, at some point in the hopefully not too distant
future, unidata2 will be the inject machine for MCIDAS (which is
now known as UNIWISC in LDM version >= 5.2.1), so you will be needing
to switch your feed to unidata2 -- but NOT right now.

I hope that this helped.  If not, please let me know.