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Hi Ron, 

I see Steve everyday and will pass along your regards!  

You do not have a feed site yet as far as I can tell..if I remember
correctly I had asked for Todd to perform some traceroutes to determine

traceroute "hostname"

to hosts:




I have your ldm listed as:


Please let me know the true urgency of your data needs and i can feed you
from here temporarily if need be..

Thank you,

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On Tue, 13 Aug 2002, Ronald Weglarz wrote:

> Hi, Jeff ---
>      You may remember that we've spoken before.  Todd McInerney, one of the
> senior support staff in University Computing here at WestConn, has been
> helping me to install LDM software on a DEC Alpha workstation running
> COMPAQ Tru64 Unix.  Although most or all of the software appears to have
> been installed, it does not appear to be running or bringing in observed
> data.  I am particularly interested in obtaining real time, observed
> rawinsonde (i.e. upper-air) as well as observed surface data.  This data
> will be used in improving the initial conditions in a operational forecast
> model set up to make (near) real-time forecasts at the Center.  I therefore
> need to start receiving the upper-air and surface data ASAP.  What form(s)
> is (are) the data in?  Does the raw data need to be degribbed before use?
> Can this data be received free of charge? Can you please contact Todd
> (address@hidden) when you get a chance and try to see if LDM is
> actually installed and pulling in data?  Once again,I need access to both
> observed sfc data and rawinsonde data ASAP.
> Thank you for all your time and help.
> Warmest, Ron   :o)
> PS   Please say hello to Steve Chiswell for me should you happen to see
> him.  We went to NC           State together!
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