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Re: 20020627: fos routing page


Thanks for bringing this problem to my attention.  The new routes were not
being integrated with the older ones. Since we had those problems with
thelma the entries for thelma were missing as well as others. It should be
working now.


On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Unidata Support wrote:

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> Hi,
>      The web page showing FOS routing and latencies
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/projects/idd/status/idd/fosTopo.html
> has always been a useful debugging tool when data started slowing
> down. However, for several months now I notice that the page
> is very incomplete. Many sites that used to report are no longer
> appearing (e.g. cornell, psu, uiuc, and us).
>      Just wondering if perhaps this page can be made to work again...
> Take care,
> David
> David Knight
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