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20020406: Data problems?

>From: "Kevin Polston" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NOAA
>Keywords: 200204060254.g362sRa22480 IDD thelma


>It's been a while since we've talked....which means everything has been
>running pretty good for the most part!  :-)

Yes, that is good :-)

>However, I've noticed in
>the last day or so that there seems to be an increasing problem with
>data reception (on my end). I know there is supposed to be a hardware
>upgrade and physical move of motherlode on Saturday but does that affect
>papagayo as well? The satellite data has been very sporadic the past two
>days...even more so today it seems like. The obs are slow to arrive,
>model data is not being ingested properly and the radar data is running
>behind. All of this I am assuming is because of the planned move. I am
>hoping it is not something on my end. If this is not something that
>should be happening I wanted to know since it looks like there could be
>severe weather over the weekend...and maybe I could take some steps to
>correct the problems. However....everyhting was running fine until just
>the past couple of days. I've noticed some e-mail talking about other
>sites having some data reception problems as well so I am wondering if
>it is related. Please tell me I'm not going crazy and everything is
>alright!   :-)

You should have received an email yesterday afternoon in which we
informed our IDD users that we had swapped out the machine that was
thelma and pressed another one into service.  The box that was thelma
was continually misbehaving in ways that would only surface when it got
loaded past a certain point.  When it was feeding lesser number of
sites (or lesser amounts of data), it would run along with no
problems.  At several points we had convinced ourselves - incorrectly -
that we had found and fixed the problem(s).  By Wednesday night, we
were convinced that we had to do the hardware swap.  So, on Firday
afternoon, we pressed an Sun Enterprise 450 into service as thelma so
that sites would continue receiving data during the annual NCAR
powerdown (which is going on right now).  The new thelma appears to be
functioning well, so your data reception should be returning to

>Talk to you later,