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20020407: 20020406: Data problems?

>From: "Kevin Polston" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NOAA
>Keywords: 200204060254.g362sRa22480 IDD thelma


>I guess I am having some reception problems again. I got the e-mails
>talking about thelma and powering down motherlode for yesterday
>(Saturday). I am wondering if there is a problem with papagayo now.

papagayo is doing fine. I say this because I was working on papagayo a
good bit of time yesterday/last evening, and it was running smoothly.
I think that the problem is the link speed between papagayo and your
machine.  I noticed that when I shut down the LDM on papagayo (I did
this after building McIDAS with my latest addendum) the rpc.ldmds that
were feeding your machine would take a very long time (like over 15
minutes) to exit.  This is a sure sign of a very slow connection
between the feeder and the feedee.

>say this because this morning I checked to see how the satellite data
>was coming in. For a period there during the overnight hours it looked
>like it was coming in fine. However....I had a 13Z image that was quite
>late so I checked on motherlode to see what the latest image it had and
>it was a 16Z image. So I am assuming something is not flowing properly. 

Right, but other sites downstream of papagayo are not having problems.

>What's interesting is despite the satellite problems the other data
>seemed to be coming in pretty good (surface and upper air, and profiler
>data). Models are still somewhat of a problem as the data is sporadic at
>times and incomplete.

I noticed that papagayo is feeding model data (HRS) from UIUC and that
UIUC was feeding model data from motherlode.  If UIUC was not feeding
HRS from another server, there should have been no model data for
a large fraction of the day yesterday.  UIUC should have switched
their feed, but they did not.  We will be addressing this tomorrow.

>I haven't touched anything in my setup since a
>few weeks ago and everything was running smoothly then. So I guess I'm
>asking is if everything is ok with motherlode/thelma (I assume it is)

Yes, it is.

>and if papagayo is ok as well.

Ditto, but your link to it is slow.

>If in fact everything is ok with all the
>servers then I will investigate to see what my problems are here. 
>Looks like a pretty good severe weather event today for portions of
>central Texas. We're in the "soup" here in KC. 
>Talk to you later Tom,

Hopefully, your network connection to papagayo will clear up soon.


>From address@hidden Sun Apr  7 13:17:45 2002
>Subject: Re: 20020407: 20020406: Data problems? 


Thanks for getting back to me. All that I can think of to say right now
about the slow connection is that it sucks!  :-)

It seems I am in the "catch-up" mode as far as data coming back in. At
least I I think I am. I have not gotten any IR type images since
13Z....still. I am starting to get some 1km vis imagery on a
semi-consistent basis but it is still running 60-90 minutes behind real
time. As is the individual radar data but at least it is consistently
coming in and I think it is trying to "catch-up".  I find it odd that I
am not receiving any IR type of imagery from either the EAST or
WEST-CONUS views yet I am getting the 1km VIS from the EAST-CONUS view
albeit is behind actual time. I would think the smaller sized IR images
would be able to make it across as opposed to the much larger vis

If it is my connection is slow then I guess I can't do anything about
that. Like you said hopefully the connection will work itself out soon.
One question I have for you that has been "bugging me" lately is when I
do an ldmadmin stop command. You had said befoe that sometimes it takes
awhile for the processes to stop and to wait before shutting down the
computer because that would be bad. You said do the command ps -u ldm to
check on the processes. Well, it seems just about everytime I do that
all the processes are stopped immediately. Is that normal or should
there be some lag time in there? It was something that was in the back
of my mind and I thought I would ask. 

Here is my last hour's (roughly) worth of log entries. Maybe this will
be of some assistance in case there is something else going on or if you
see something out of the ordinary.


Apr 07 17:58:19 localhost papagayo[1001]: skipped: 20020407165718.928
(60.259 seconds) 
Apr 07 18:01:10 localhost[1002]: RECLASS:
20020407170110.172 TS_ENDT {{NIMAGE,  "WEST-CONUS|EAST-CONUS"}} 
Apr 07 18:01:10 localhost[1002]: skipped:
20020407164914.934 (715.238 seconds) 
Apr  7 18:05:26 localhost prune_gini.csh [21693]: start Sun Apr 7
18:05:01 UTC 2002 stop Sun Apr 7 18:05:26 UTC 2002
Apr 07 18:15:03 localhost[1002]: RECLASS:
20020407171504.005 TS_ENDT {{NIMAGE,  "WEST-CONUS|EAST-CONUS"}} 
Apr 07 18:15:03 localhost[1002]: skipped:
20020407170423.618 (640.388 seconds) 
Apr 07 18:15:05 localhost[1002]: pq_del_oldest: no
unlocked products left to delete! 
Apr 07 18:15:05 localhost[1002]: comings: pqe_new:
Resource temporarily unavailable 
Apr 07 18:15:05 localhost[1002]:        :
123d3bd2cf7c51dc649a5770d55c08a4 12718826 20020407171919.831  NIMAGE
7272  sat/ch1/GOES-8/VIS/20020407 1710/EAST-CONUS/1km/ TIGE01 KNES
Apr 07 18:15:05 localhost[1002]: Connection reset by peer 
Apr 07 18:15:05 localhost[1002]: Disconnect 
Apr  7 18:15:21 localhost prune_nexrad.csh [27471]: start Sun Apr 7
18:15:00 UTC 2002 stop Sun Apr 7 18:15:21 UTC 2002
Apr 07 18:15:35 localhost[1002]: run_requester:
20020407171535.149 TS_ENDT {{NIMAGE,  "WEST-CONUS|EAST-CONUS"}} 
Apr 07 18:15:35 localhost[1002]: FEEDME( OK 
Apr  7 18:20:31 localhost prune_gini.csh [29729]: start Sun Apr 7
18:20:00 UTC 2002 stop Sun Apr 7 18:20:31 UTC 2002
Apr 07 18:29:49 localhost[1002]: RECLASS:
20020407172949.625 TS_ENDT {{NIMAGE,  "WEST-CONUS|EAST-CONUS"}} 
Apr 07 18:29:49 localhost[1002]: skipped:
20020407171930.130 (619.495 seconds) 
Apr  7 18:35:39 localhost prune_gini.csh [3147]: start Sun Apr 7
18:35:00 UTC 2002 stop Sun Apr 7 18:35:39 UTC 2002
Apr 07 18:38:38 localhost papagayo[1001]: RECLASS: 20020407173838.434
Apr 07 18:38:38 localhost papagayo[1001]: skipped: 20020407173738.269
(60.165 seconds) 
Apr 07 18:41:32 localhost papagayo[1001]: RECLASS: 20020407174132.664
Apr 07 18:41:32 localhost papagayo[1001]: skipped: 20020407173948.595
(104.069 seconds) 
Apr 07 18:42:39 localhost papagayo[1001]: RECLASS: 20020407174239.290
Apr 07 18:42:39 localhost papagayo[1001]: skipped: 20020407174138.457
(60.833 seconds) 
Apr 07 18:44:58 localhost[1002]: RECLASS:
20020407174458.881 TS_ENDT {{NIMAGE,  "WEST-CONUS|EAST-CONUS"}} 
Apr 07 18:44:58 localhost[1002]: skipped:
20020407173422.830 (636.051 seconds) 
Apr 07 18:45:00 localhost[1002]: pq_del_oldest: no
unlocked products left to delete! 
Apr 07 18:45:00 localhost[1002]: comings: pqe_new:
Resource temporarily unavailable 
Apr 07 18:45:00 localhost[1002]:        :
16d1a7c1c142b7833d83124d7b3df447 12808262 20020407174859.253  NIMAGE
7334  sat/ch1/GOES-8/VIS/20020407 1740/EAST-CONUS/1km/ TIGE01 KNES
Apr 07 18:45:00 localhost[1002]: Connection reset by peer 
Apr 07 18:45:00 localhost[1002]: Disconnect 
Apr 07 18:45:30 localhost[1002]: run_requester:
20020407174530.200 TS_ENDT {{NIMAGE,  "WEST-CONUS|EAST-CONUS"}} 
Apr 07 18:45:30 localhost[1002]: FEEDME( OK 
Apr  7 18:50:41 localhost prune_gini.csh [8937]: start Sun Apr 7
18:50:02 UTC 2002 stop Sun Apr 7 18:50:41 UTC 2002
Apr 07 19:01:19 localhost[1002]: RECLASS:
20020407180119.305 TS_ENDT {{NIMAGE,  "WEST-CONUS|EAST-CONUS"}} 
Apr 07 19:01:19 localhost[1002]: skipped:
20020407174909.558 (729.747 seconds)