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Re: 20040311:query on GARP case studies


I apologize for the untimely response...

I would suggest commenting out this 'if'  statement...seems to being
having issues with NWX..hmmm, this was generalized for GARP so may be
having issues in NMAP world.

These are the tables I believe to be in question:



# Re-set the NWX_TABLES directory to point at the tables/
# subdirectory in the NWX data directory (if it exists).

if ( -d $TEXT_DATA/tables )  then
        setenv NWX_TABLES $TEXT_DATA/tables


Did you download the data via CODIAC or get a CD..CODIAC has the issue of
"renaming" the data files...uniqely for download (this is suppossed to be
a "feature")

Again so sorry for the delayed response, thought our GEMPAK guru was
answering this one...and he thought I was..our bad.

Hope we can work this out, or maybe it already has been ;)

Thank you,

Jeff Weber                                    address@hidden        :
Unidata Program Center                        PH:303-497-8676        :
University Corp for Atmospheric Research      3300 Mitchell Ln       :
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On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Unidata Support wrote:

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> >To: address@hidden
> >From: Paul Ruscher <address@hidden>
> >Subject: query on GARP
> >Organization: UCAR/Unidata
> >Keywords: 200403032126.i23LQ4rV003402
> Hi, I've tried to take hints I've received on how to use ntl.case type
> invocations of ntl for case study data, and feel that I am almost there...
> however there is one thing that I can't overcome, and it is related to an
> error message that I don't understand.
> metlab>>Resource File:  /usr/local/gempak/resource/Ntop
> ERROR: Can't find application table file.
> Can you tell me what directory or table file this error message refers to?
> The symptoms I'm getting going in another method have me baffled, too, as I
> can see satellite imagery for GOES-8, but the date stamps are ok and the time
> stamps (24 images per day in IR, for example) are all the same strange number!
> Anyway, if you can help me interpret the first message that would help a great
> deal, as everything has changed since I last tried this 4 years ago (new
> GARP, new gempak, new computer lab and directory structure).
> I have the following defined:
> setenv TABLEDIR /usr/local/gempak/tables/ntl
> explicitly in the file that I found in the support archive (similar to what
> you folks sent me a few weeks back).
> TIA...Paul Ruscher
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