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20040310:case 24 links

Hi Frank,

Ah, the angst of using other peoples work in reference documents.

I suspect the URL's may not be valid anymore....

I will attempt to contact the authors of the pages in question in hopes of
finding the correct new URL, and will contact COMET re the lab
exercise...at least we (COMET) control that data and link.

We have not had funds for this project in over a year, but still do our
best to keep it viable and current, if you really enjoy the case study
effort, we hope to continue/re-start the project if the community deems it
worthwhile. You can express your desires to:


Our user committee has voiced their opinion that it get renewed, but we
are still lobbying with the Policy Committee..any input is appreciated and

I will keep you posted regarding progress.

Thank you for your interest and for pointing out these issues.


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On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, Unidata Support wrote:

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> >Subject: case 24
> >Organization: UMass Lowell
> >Keywords: 200403101805.i2AI50rV021521
> Hi,
> I am using this case in a class, and found that some of the links to
> supporting documentation don't work.  Is this material available
> elsewhere?  The key links I wanted are:
> East Coast snowfall analysis from PSU
> Baltimore/Washington DC January Summary from CPC/NCEP
> Case Review by NWS in State College, PA
> In addition, there is a link in the Lab Exercise that doesn't work:
> 12.  Now its time to reevaluate all your forecasts ( a mental dProg/dt)
> based on satellite and surface observations, and regional ensemble
> data.  Based on these data would you refine your forecast? Why/Why not?
>  (in this one, the regional ensemble data is a link which seems to be
> broken).
> Finally, in the supporting documentation, Review of Ensemble Performance
> of event by NWS in State College, PA, the link works, but none of the
> figures are available once inside this web page -- I get the "FORBIDDEN"
> response.
> Thanks for your help.  The cases are really great teaching tools.
> Frank Colby
> Professor of Meteorology
> UMass Lowell
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