Re: [wcsplus] [galeon] telecon Tuesday? prep for December TC

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Hi Norman:

Thanks for the quick response.  See comments inline.



We did something similar to your plan with GMLJP2 regrep with the Omar
ebRIM server and the ITT JPIP Java Server for a research project.

Cool.  Would like to more about this.

It was interesting to use the ebRIM association to associate services
(WCSs, JPIP) with the extrinsicObject - so that the focus is on the data
not the actual service.

We routinely use ebRIM associations to link data and various types of
services - go looking for data and find services that provide access or
which can act on the data etc.  Or go looking for the service and find
data it serves.

It kind of makes the WCS getCapabilities,
describeCoverage redundant since the getCoverage / JPIP URL is
associated in the registry.

Well not really since the registry can harvest this information via that
interface and service presumably creates it automatically from its
content.  On the other hand there are many gray areas here.

Can I ask if you are looking to formalize this approach with regrep for
coverages (so mapping coverage extents, available bands etc. to ebRIM),
do you need a JPIP server?  (Again this is my view, not ITT, I would
need to make a request).

Our first objective is just to complile a reg/rep of GMLJP2 samples that
cover a wide range of image types - so JPIP is not needed (YET).  We are
working on an ebRIM model with ESA and this is one may be a variant or
something simpler. So longer term the focus is in the regrep (i.e. WRS =
CSW-ebRIM) and hence a general ebRIM model is important, but just now
the focus is on getting a representative set of GMLJP2 created.

We have deployed a CRS registry via OGP - see

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