[wcsplus] telecon Tuesday? prep for December TC

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Hello to all:

I'd like to hold a GALEON teleconference -- next Tuesday if that will
work for most of us.  In the past, the best time has been 8:00 AM
Mountain Time which I believe is 15:00 or 16:00 in most of Europe.
Since it always seems to be the middle of the night in the Southern
Hemisphere, we won't worry about our Australian collaborators.

But seriously, I'd like to formulate some sort of "plan" for the
December OGC TC.  Several important and difficult issues were raised
at the Boulder TC in September and, to my knowledge, they have not all
been resolved.  Since I will not be able to attend the December TC,
I'd like to get some idea of who will be there from the GALEON
community and how we might convey the results of the September
Interoperability Day and follow on discussions. I understand that
similar topics have been discussed at the OGC Architecture Board level
as well, so it would be good to attempt to consolidate our views of
the key issues as best we can before the December meetings.

I'll follow this up with more information about the architecture board
discussions as best I can and I encourage any and all to provide their
own views on the issues before us as background for a telecon.  But,
for now, I'd like to get a sense of whether we can gather a "quorum"
for a GALEON telecon next Tuesday (November 20) at 8:00 AM Mountain
Time.  If Tuesday is not good, we could try it Monday, but I'm loath
to schedule a telecon first thing Monday morning.  Later in the week
is bad because of the US Thanksgiving holidays.  Please let me know
one way or the other.

-- Ben

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