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We did something similar to your plan with GMLJP2 regrep with the Omar
ebRIM server and the ITT JPIP Java Server for a research project.

It was interesting to use the ebRIM association to associate services
(WCSs, JPIP) with the extrinsicObject - so that the focus is on the data
not the actual service.  It kind of makes the WCS getCapabilities,
describeCoverage redundant since the getCoverage / JPIP URL is
associated in the registry.=20

Can I ask if you are looking to formalize this approach with regrep for
coverages (so mapping coverage extents, available bands etc. to ebRIM),
do you need a JPIP server?  (Again this is my view, not ITT, I would
need to make a request).



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Hi Ben:

We are assembling a registry/respoitory of coverages in GMLJP2.  We are
starting with rectified grid coverages but plan to expand to others. Can
you provide us with rectified imagery (royalty free is preferred, if not
whatever restrictions we need to respect) in GeoTiff or similar (e.g.
MrSID).  We will convert to GMLJP2 and harvest the metadata to the
registry.  Any attribution you want will also be retained.  Image sizes
can be anything more or less.  We would like a representative sample of
image types - so stereo pairs (satellite or aircraft), orthoimages
(satellite or aircraft), DEM, sea surface temperature etc.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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