Re: [thredds] nco as a web service

> If 20% of the request will require a POST,  then my client needs to code
> for that.  Again, I give the Matlab example,  I can no longer count on
> using "url.write".   Also, while I have seen a number of "implementations"
> of some OGC services that use GET, the standard usually calls for a POST.
>  If i don't write to the standard, then it is no longer a standard.    IOOS
> ran into this with their initial SOS service, they created a GET version,
> but then of course this no longer followed the SOS standard at that time
I think we're barking up the wrong tree here. You can fit a whole  lot of
parameters into a standard GET request, e.g., here is an image generated by
RAMADDA's IDV grid displays plugin:

(source is here:

Most likely people doing service requests to a data server are going to
need to specify far fewer parameters.