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Thi is a terrific idea.  One suggestion I have is to build it so the
processing services can be set up in a brokering layer -- that is, so the
input datasets can be accessed via web services and the output can be
served via web services.  I don't  mean that this should be the only way to
implement the nco processing, rather just keep it in mind so it's
relatively easy to set up such a three tier architecture for the nco

Thanks for considering it.

-- Ben
On Jun 17, 2012 1:16 PM, "Jeff McWhirter" <jeff.mcwhirter@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I saw the recent posts about NCO services:
> I know this isn't an NCO list, but I belong to enough lists and groups,
> don't feel like joining more, and am lazy. There has for quite some time
> been discussion about adding server side functions, and there are several
> possible solutions presently offered. But a relatively simple possibility
> for some of the basic operations that people want to do, and with a tool
> that people already use and is scriptable, is to use NCO. Has any ever
> thought of tried to set up NCO as a web service? Just thinking.
> This got me thinking about adding these kinds of services to RAMADDA. I've
> started with the weighted average, e.g.:
> This will create a new netcdf file and return it to the user. If you are
> logged in you can also publish the results back to ramadda.
> This was a Sunday morning project so it is real new and there isn't any
> documentation yet but I'll be firming it up this week and adding support
> for the other operators.
> If you're unfamiliar with the NetCDF services provided by ramadda it also
> supports grid subsetting, time series extraction from grids, metadata
> harvesting, opendap and IDV-based server-side visualizations. Just look in
> the Data menu on the above page.
> If there are any folks that are interested in these kind of services drop
> me a line - I'd like to hear what else might be needed.
> -Jeff
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