Re: [thredds] nco as a web service

Ben, Jeff,

To have the services accessible and usable through a Brokering framework would be great, indeed !




Thi is a terrific idea. One suggestion I have is to build it so the processing services can be set up in a brokering layer -- that is, so the input datasets can be accessed via web services and the output can be served via web services. I don't mean that this should be the only way to implement the nco processing, rather just keep it in mind so it's relatively easy to set up such a three tier architecture for the nco processing.

Thanks for considering it.

-- Ben

On Jun 17, 2012 1:16 PM, "Jeff McWhirter" <jeff.mcwhirter@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:jeff.mcwhirter@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi all,
I saw the recent posts about NCO services:

        I know this isn't an NCO list, but I belong to enough lists
        and groups, don't feel like joining more, and am lazy. There
        has for quite some time been discussion about adding server
        side functions, and there are several possible solutions
        presently offered. But a relatively simple possibility for
        some of the basic operations that people want to do, and with
        a tool that people already use and is scriptable, is to use
        NCO. Has any ever thought of tried to set up NCO as a web
        service? Just thinking.

    This got me thinking about adding these kinds of services to
    RAMADDA. I've started with the weighted average, e.g.:

    This will create a new netcdf file and return it to the user. If
    you are logged in you can also publish the results back to ramadda.

    This was a Sunday morning project so it is real new and there
    isn't any documentation yet but I'll be firming it up this week
    and adding support for the other operators.

    If you're unfamiliar with the NetCDF services provided by ramadda
    it also supports grid subsetting, time series extraction from
    grids, metadata harvesting, opendap and IDV-based server-side
    visualizations. Just look in the Data menu on the above page.

    If there are any folks that are interested in these kind of
    services drop me a line - I'd like to hear what else might be needed.


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