Re: [thredds] Editing Metadata. Enhanced Catalog

Hi Derrick,

I'm looking at the the version 4.2.20101001.2254, and have found the settings to be in the $TOMCAT_HOME/content/thredds/threddsConfig.xml file under the serverInformation chunk. Changing this modified contact information chunk in the WMS GetCapabilties doc.

I'm not sure if this is the same in version 4.1.20100520.1554 though!



On 19/10/10 8:26 PM, Derrick.Wong@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi all,

I was wondering if it's possible to configure THREDDS so that when you request 
for the WMS GetCapabilities document,

the following details can be modified accordingly:

        <ContactVoiceTelephone>  </ContactVoiceTelephone>

I had a read here
 and I have tried configuring a dataset in enhacnedCatalog.xml, adding the 
following params:
         <name vocabulary="DIF">Test</name>
         <contact url=""; email="derrick.wong@xxxxxxxx" />
         <name vocabulary="DIF">Test</name>
         <contact url=""; email="derrick.wong@xxxxxxxx" />

But there seems to be no difference.

Could someone kindly assist?

I am currently running THREDDS Data Server [Version 4.1.20100520.1554 - 
20100520.1554] on Tomcat 6, on Win XP PRO SP3

Thank you for your time.

Derrick Wong
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