Re: [ldm-users] NTP (Re: Downstream LDM Problems

On Mon, 11 Jul 2011, Peter Laws wrote:

Yeahh .... so what can we do about this?

NTP is one of those things, in 2011, that should be configured when the system is built. If done correctly, it never needs to be dinked with again. Likewise a system's local timezone.

Well, for most of us its easy. The NWS have things firewalled to heaven, so getting NTP to work isn't trivial for them.

What do we need to do to help folks get this set up? It's not hard unless you've never done it before. :-)

What I find is that if you don't take care of it at installation, it never gets done. One good thing about Windows (shudder) is that by default, upon installation, it's always on. As for a solution, it's the same lesson I had to learn...if I see no data on a new server I have installed, and I know my pqact/ldmd.conf files are seemingly correct, it's got to be a date/time issue. When I installed my new NOAAport ingest server, I thought the feed was hosed. Turns out the date was like 700 years into the future. How in the world that happened, I don't know. I saw that NTP wasn't turned on, and it fixed that problem. Within seconds, the clock was correct...and data was flowing.

Bottom line is: on a new server, if you aren't getting data, suspect three things:

1. You haven't got NTP turned on, and your date/time is off
2. You didn't do something in pqact/ldmd.conf
3. Your firewall isn't set properly, at the server or upstream.

That checklist pretty much eliminates problems.


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