[ldm-users] NTP (Re: Downstream LDM Problems

On 07/08/11 20:10, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:

Heh. You know, I have to stop assuming everyone is running NTP and
they have their time zone set correctly.

Yeahh .... so what can we do about this?

NTP is one of those things, in 2011, that should be configured when the system is built. If done correctly, it never needs to be dinked with again. Likewise a system's local timezone.

What do we need to do to help folks get this set up? It's not hard unless you've never done it before. :-)

Here's what my ntp.conf file looks like, all done by kickstart:

# VIA ks.cfg ...
restrict default ignore
server ntp01 iburst prefer
restrict mask
server ntp02 iburst
restrict mask
server ntp03 iburst
restrict mask
driftfile /var/lib/ntp/drift

Clearly, admins would need to put their own NTP servers in their files. Redhat defaults to having the local clock in there. Take it out. The restrict lines above just make it so that some other system (not the servers designated) can't adjust or even read your time. Adjust to taste. The driftfile keeps track of how bad your local system clock is and adjusts things at boot time. iburst sends an initial burst of time packets to speed convergence after startup.

Plenty more info at http://ntp.org/

Peter Laws / N5UWY
National Weather Center / Network Operations Center
University of Oklahoma Information Technology
Feedback? Contact my director, Eddie Huebsch, ehuebsch@xxxxxx. Thank you!

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