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On Thu, 16 Apr 2009, Jeffrey Lake - Admin wrote:

I can ditto Gilbert,
I too have an EMWIN LDM feed, and my own dish,
take me a couple of seconds to add ALLOW ALL to the list

Cool, if you have a machine name and are willing, let us know. My NOAAport satellite ingester feeds to the round-robin of, and an NSF machine, which then blasts the data downstream from there. So, if I start sending out EMWIN as IDS|DDPLUS, it'll get to everybody.

Right now, as of 19:56 Z, here's what is happening:

On my receiver, my variable bit error rate (VBER) is now down to roughly
4 x 10 ^ -4 (1 x 10 ^ -7 is NWS standard, normally I am at a rock-solid zero even during heavy rain events), and I am now getting nearly all products.

A satellite engineer just reported to me that through a scope, he sees odd noise on several transponders. I hope somebody isn't blasting the bird with a bad uplink and splattering off-frequency garbage everywhere, which is what happened in last year's 24 hour fiasco.

I'm guessing the NWS pumped up the uplink power to get us what we have right now.

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