Re: [ldm-users] LDM, McIDAS and more under Centos 5.2 or something else?

Dan Vietor wrote:

I'm just now starting to do work in 64 bit space. I've found that most programs that are compiled for 32 bits will run without modification on 64 bit systems. The problem I've found is that there are some issues with backward compatibility of some of the older shared libraries. For example, WXP compiled for 32 bit RHEL3 would not run on 64 bit RHEL5 because of missing 32 bit shared libraries. The 32 bit compile for RHEL5 worked without a problem. I'm researching this backward

That sounds like Sun days of yore (SPARC went 64-bit nearly 15 years ago). Remember when the 64-bit version of stuff wasn't always there (SUNW....x in the pkg name)?

Back to that, eh?  :-)

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