Re: [ldm-users] LDM, McIDAS and more under Centos 5.2 or something else?

On Tue, 27 Jan 2009, Laws, Peter C. wrote:

Redhat has quirks, probably more c.2004 than now, but otherwise, there were no show stoppers. Still aren't. Being a Solaris guy and former Sun employee, I was unhappy, but ... it worked as advertised. OpenSolaris was not an option back then and they (Sun) were still coming out of their confusion about the x86 platform, whiched doomed them to obscurity in that shop. What's their stock at now? $4? *After* the 1:4 reverse split? Yeesh.

And they just announced that they lost $250 million this quarter. That's not good.

Note that I'm only referring to RHEL (RHAS) and not Fedora. I have no experience with that.

Well, Fedora is merely bleeding edge of RHEL and CentOS.

CentOS is, as I understand it, simply RHEL with all the Redhat trademarks removed. Perfectly acceptable under the GPL, if a lot of work.

Yes, and yes!

We have some sort of Redhat entitlement here, so our LDM ingest servers are running RHEL 5.2, but I can see that changing (we don't seem to get much with our entitlement!).

Well, y'all have convinced me. I am copying back my home directory on my test machine that now has CentOS 5.2 on it. Will recompile LDM and then McIDAS, and see how things go. I now have 6 Linux boxes, and it's gotten too time-consuming to blow everything away and reinstall and tweak and oh my goodness what happened to THAT every 6 months. But don't worry...I'm still going to be bleeding edge on LDM installs. Some things don't change!

If this works, either tomorrow or more likely Thursday, I'll take weather2 and weather3.admin down for the CentOS install. If you feed from me, make sure you have as your backup so that you don't lose data. Thanks!

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