Re: [ldm-users] LDM, McIDAS and more under Centos 5.2 or something else?

On Tue, 27 Jan 2009, Pete Pokrandt wrote:

Ditto on both counts. I have used Fedora, but between the occasional bleeding edge wierdnesses (no offense to Gilbert :)

Bleeding edge weirdness is my middle name! ;-)

and the rapid update/limited time support cycle, it got to be too hard to maintain on servers.

That's where I am right now.

I have been using CentOS 3/4/5, both 32 and 64 bit for almost all of my linux installs, and in fact have even been converting some RHEL boxes over to CentOS without any problems - mainly because I like yum better as an update tool than RedHat's update manager.

Amen. I'm starting with CentOS 5.2. It looks like my test machine likes it, but I had to hunt to find some programs that aren't available, even with the extras and Dag's repository. I'll find out tomorrow if I got all that I need.

It's not recommended to upgrade from the major versions (from 3.x to 4.x or 4.x to 5.x for example) but within the major versions, they try very hard to keep it stable and to keep things within the same glibc, library versions, etc. That's why the versioning is sometimes behind the current (firefox for example) but it does tend to prevent programs from breaking on machines where you need reliablility. I've gone incrementally from 4.0 or so up to the current 4.9 on some machines with zero issues.

Whenever I go between major versions, I learned way back around Redhat 9 that I had to do a clean wipe and then bring back the /home directories and config files. Upgrading broke more things than anything.

Gilbert, if you run into any problems or need advice, feel free to ask me, I'm very familiar with CentOS.

Thanks! If I have problems, I'll definitely take you up on that offer!

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