Re: [ldm-users] user-stories for the LDM replacement

>>> Is this 'replacement' going to be written in Java?

Dear god I hope not. Java has no place in a high speed low drag data
distribution network. If someone wants to play with Java go recode Gempak.
LDM should remain C or C++ for the foresable future.  That's not a
religious opinion..I can't program in either language. But having been in
the IT business my entire career I've seen Java come and go...and it's
rarely been the right solution for any problem.

>> +1 here. The current LDM works great, and I'm not sure reinventing the
>> wheel here is going to help. Unless it is going to work with older
>> LDM's, I'm quite content with how this generation of LDM works. And
>> this from someone who people call "Captain Upgrade" for being bleeding
>> edge!
> +1 here, too.  I use LDM too extensively and for too many
> (near-)production activities to want to migrate anytime soon.  Let me
> look at the wiki and comment further there but I have to express
> skepticism at this time that a replacement is A) needed, B) warranted or
> C) welcome.

I hate "me too" threads but for this I'll throw in my +1.  I haven't heard
anybody on this mailing list suggest any needed changes.  What's the
reason for the 'replacement'?  Replacement for the sake of replacement is
never a good idea.


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